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Edinburgh Wedding Photography - Sonja and Billy - 22/8/09

We had a wedding at the king’s manor hotel this weekend.

sonja_billy_202 sonja_billy_008 sonja_billy_019

It was quite a simple wedding and was all at the one venue.

sonja_billy_066 sonja_billy_071

It was a lovely wedding and we had glorious sunshine. Not always the best for photography and we had to fight against the back garden which seemed to be full of gas canisters, mesh fences and rubbish. So we had to find something with a good background which didn’t cause everyone to squint too much.

sonja_billy_100 sonja_billy_112 sonja_billy_169

Secret Wedding - 15/08/09

This weekend we had a lovely wedding. Unfortunately we can’t show you any pictures of the bride and groom as we were requested not to.

The ceremony itself was at Edinburgh Chambers – which is a lovely old building which we are very lucky to have as Edinburgh’s registry office.
Here is a close up of the wedding rings
Close up of the wedding rings
We then went on to the botanic gardens for some more photography. Unfortunately the wedding party did not have the most appropriate footwear for a walk – here’s a shot of the bride’s shoes
Close up of the wedding shoes
However I think it was worth it as we were rewarded with some lovely weather after the initial rain. Here’s a picture of the bridge
The bridge at the botanics where we went for pictures
They also had some gorgeous wedding flowers – white and red roses with crystals in some of them.
Close up of the wedding flowers

Edinburgh Civil Union - John and Jong - 8th August 2009

John and Jong came all the way from Australia to get married. John was originally from here and so wanted to tie the knot here.

They got married in the Scotsman hotel in Edinburgh which is a lovely old building with a particularly fantastic marble staircase.

Enterance to the Scotsman hotel

It was a lovely ceremony. A lot of their foreign friends had even hired kilts and were having a great time! Jong himself wore the traditional Korean wedding garb which looked absolutely fantastic.

Edinburgh civil ceremony - vows

The two grooms with friends

Edinburgh civil ceremony - two grooms with friends

They had a lovely day for it which was great as they had access to the little enclosed garden out the back.

Edinburgh civil ceremony - all the guests

It was quite an intense session. There were 28 guests and they wanted pictures of each couple, pictures of the couple with them and a group photo. They wanted these photos printed by the end of the day and then inserted in triple folders and given to each couple as they left! It was tight as the whole thing only went from 11:30 to 4:30pm. We did manage it, but boy was it tight and included fast editing on our laptop and printing at Jessops. Unfortunately Jessops printer broke down which left me pacing a tad.

Edinburgh civil ceremony - wedding cake Edinburgh civil ceremony -  kiss

The Gathering 2009

This weekend Edinburgh was hosting The Gathering, a huge international clan gathering. This is usually held abroad in Canada or America, but this time it was “coming home” to Edinburgh. It was being held on Arthur’s seat – which as it happens is around 5 minutes walk from my door. So I took a break from my busy scedule, grabbed my camera and went.

I was not disappointed. I have never seen so many people in kilts. Particularly with American and Canadian accents. I actually felt slightly out of place! We were also very lucky with the weather. It had been pouring down all week but it stayed dry all day.

Anyway here are some pictures of the fantastic day:

Fantastic feathers!

Arthur's seat gathering - feathers

Competitors for the heavy games from as far away as America and New Zealand. Not the sort of people you would want to argue with.

Arthur's seat gathering - highland games Arthur's seat gathering - highland games Arthur's seat gathering - highland games

No Scottish event would be complete without a piper. Here there were full pipe bands!

Arthur's seat gathering - pipers Arthur's seat gathering - band Arthur's seat gathering - pipe band Arthur's seat gathering - pipe band Arthur's seat gathering - pipe band Arthur's seat gathering - pipe band Arthur's seat gathering - pipe band

As well as the modern alternative.

Arthur's seat gathering - modern pipers

There was also a scary amount of weaponry on show!

Arthur's seat gathering Arthur's seat gathering

There was also some absolutely mouthwatering Scottish produce on show

Arthur's seat gathering - produce Arthur's seat gathering - produce Arthur's seat gathering - produce Arthur's seat gathering - produce Arthur's seat gathering - produce Arthur's seat gathering - produce

Mmmmm – yummy I do love some good food.

Of course no Scottish event would be complete without Robert Burns

Arthur's seat gathering - Robert Burns

And a nod to the changeability of Scottish weather

Arthur's seat gathering - pink wellies



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