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Joanne and Keith's wedding at South Queensferry Registy and reception at the Royal Burgess

Joanne and Keith were a lovely couple who got married at the South Queensferry Registry Office – a stunning registry office in Edinburgh with views of the Forth Rail Bridge. Unfortunately from a wedding photographers point of view the bridge itself was undergoing some maintenance, however we did have an absolutely stunning day.

The bride arrived in a fantastic old gold Siddeley-Deasy classic wedding car. I’m afraid I’m not too hot on car makes – I only identified that one by the sphinx hood ornament, so if anyone wants to correct me feel free. I absolutely adore photographing classic wedding cars – and this one was particularly unusual. Anyway there are many car pictures for enthusiasts.

The wedding car arriving at Queensferry registry office The bride and the car at Queensferry registry office

It was  a lovely sunny day. There was one bridesmaid who wore pale pink while the flower girl had a dress with both pink and white. From just outside the registry office there is a good view of the bridge.

The bride and bridesmaid The bride and her daughter with Edinburgh Forth Rail Bridge in the background

The interior of the south queensferry registry office is particularly bright, which is good for wedding photography. There are even views of the forth rail bridge from the windows. The room itself was lovely with wood panelling. As ever with a wedding with children things didn’t go exactly to plan. The flower girl decided to play with her flowers at one point but on the whole they were very well behaved.

The father of the bride and his daughter arrive at Queensferry registry office

The groom beside his bride

The bride waiting to take her vows The bride and groom waiting to take vows The flower girl doing what flower girls do

The rings were two elegant gold bands. The bride’s ring having a kink in it to fit snugly round her engagement ring.

The wedding rings Getting ready The groom places the bride's ring on her finger The bride places the groom's ring on his finger The flower girl doing what flower girls do

The couple were then married and I managed to catch a quick photograph of their first (married) kiss.

The first (married) kiss The bride and groom

Outside there was time for some more wedding photographs before heading off to the reception venue.

The groom and his daughter The groom and the two kids The happy family

I try to get a photograph of everyone who attended the wedding as soon as possible after the ceremony. People are easiest to corral at that point later on it does get a little like herding cats.

All of the guests with the Forth Rail bridge in the background

It was then time to head of the the reception venue. Which was the Royal Burgess Golfing Society club house, which is only a few minutes towards the centre of Edinburgh from the south Queensferry registry office. They used that stunning car again – which then appeared in a few more wedding photographs.

In the wedding car going to the reception The wedding car outside the Royal Burgess golf club The car and the Royal burgess golf club

This is the closeup of the sphinx on the bonnet which I used to identify the make of car (Siddeley-Deasy).

A closeup of the car

Just before the car left I posed the bride and groom with it in front of the venue. The royal burgess golfing society has a fantastic building. It reminds me a lot of some of the old buildings you see in York. The strong white and black contrast made for some striking images.

The bride, the groom, the venue and the car The bride, the groom, the venue and the car

The couple had chosen to use a cupcake wedding tower instead of a traditional wedding cake. These are becoming very popular and in this case certainly looked stunning. They alternated white and pink to go with the colour scheme.

A cupcake tower wedding cake Closeup of the wedding cupcakes Closeup of the wedding cupcakes

At this point I managed to grab the wedding flowers for some close-ups. They had little swarkovski crystals in between them and were stunning, I particularly liked the bridesmaid’s hot pink ones.

Closeup of the bridemaid's wedding flowers Closeup of the bridemaid's wedding flowers Closeup of the bride's wedding flowers

Bubbles are always a great way to entertain the kids and were being used here to good effect.

Bubble blowing

Before eveyone relaxed I took them outside for some group pictures.

The wedding party outside the royal burgess Goup wedding pictures All of the guests

Including the ever popular girls and boys shots.

Goup wedding pictures The male wedding guests

I then took the bride and groom off for some individual portraits. It was very windy – which is usually a hindrance, however it blew in just the right way for this picture.

The bride and groom and her veil

The Royal Burgess golfing society club house had some lovely areas for photography, and as you would expect all of their foliage was beautifully looked after.

The bride and groom The bride and groom The bride and groom The bride and groom

After the formal photographs I went back to recording the day. There were a few images of people propping up the bar.

Propping up the bar Proping up the bar again

As well as a very sweet boy with his toy tiger.

A child and his soft toy

It was then time for the speeches. One of the more memorable parts of this was the groom attempting to give his speech while holding up his daughter!

The father of the bride's speach The bride's reaction Entertaining the children The best man Drinking a toast

I then went down stairs to take some close ups of the dining room before the guests started the wedding breakfast. The tables were beautifully decorated with rose petals and little hearts.

Wedding table detail

The wedding favours were also in beautifully decorated little ribbon wrapped gift boxes

The wedding favours

and the tablet looked supremely edible.

Wedding tablet

The table itself was a rather nice horseshoe arrangement, which was ideal for the number of guests that they had. I took a couple of shots of everyone arriving before I left.

The table seated The table seated

To see the album for this wedding please see Joanne and Keith’s Album .

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