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Edinburgh Wedding Photographer covering Lothian and central Scotland

Firstly let us offer you our warmest congratulations on your engagement and upcoming marriage

2010 and 2011 are set to be bumper years for weddings. So it’s important to get everything sorted out as quickly as possible. Please book us as your crypto trader south africa Wedding Photographer as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

A Matter of Wedding Photography is run by a female wedding photographer called Fiona and covers Edinburgh, Lothian, Glasgow and central Scotland. Email us to see if we are available for your wedding – or you can phone on 07886 844 773.

Choosing a wedding photographer is a big decision. The photographs are a lasting reminder of your wedding day. Here we will try to give a few reasons why we think we are the best choice for wedding photography.

  • The wedding photographer is the one wedding supplier that you spend your entire day with, we therefore feel it is important that there is a good match between the photographer and the future bride and groom. To this end we arrange a face to face meeting where you can meet your wedding photographer and go over any worries you have with them with no obligation. This serves the additional benefit of getting to know your wedding photographer when you are not being rushed off your feet and are hopefully in a relaxed mood.
  • Here at A Matter of Wedding Photography in Edinburgh we fully embrace the most current technology. That is why we offer access to online gallery- protected by a password if necessary so that you can view and purchase your wedding from anywhere in the world as soon as they are online. The web address can also be given to friends and relatives so that they can also view and purchase images if they wish.
  • At A Matter of Wedding Photography we provide each and every client with a full DVD of the finished high resolution images. These can then be shared online, copied, used for creating prints or for any other non-commercial use. However as we are well aware not everyone only wants their images digitally; prints and photobooks can be ordered using our online shop and can be sent anywhere in the world. Alternatively prints can be requested by email or over the phone for any technophobes.
  • We realise that the budget is one of the main wedding concerns. That is why our packages are all inclusive. They include all of the wedding photography, the Edinburgh wedding photographer’s time, post processing and a DVD of high resolution images as standard. Additional photobooks and prints (a wonderful gift for relatives) can be included at the time of purchase or after the wedding.
  • Here at A Matter of Wedding Photography Scotland we are proud of the photographs we produce. We also want you to be happy with your Wedding Photographs. That is why we individually retouch each and every photograph we produce in order to obtain the optimal image. If you suddenly realise that one of your bridesmaids had a label sticking out – then we will remove that in post production. You have the peace of mind that any unnoticed blemishes can be removed in our digital lab in Edinburgh. We produce the best image for you and we are sure that you will be amazed with your results. Have a look at our online gallery or visit our online shop to see examples of our previous work.

So please don’t delay – get in touch now to discuss how you want your special day to be captured forever.

Recent Blog Entries

Joanne and Keith's wedding at South Queensferry Registy and reception at the Royal Burgess

Joanne and Keith were a lovely couple who got married at the South Queensferry Registry Office – a stunning registry office in Edinburgh with views of the Forth Rail Bridge. Unfortunately from a wedding photographers point of view the bridge itself was undergoing some maintenance, however we did have an absolutely stunning day.

The bride arrived in a fantastic old gold Siddeley-Deasy classic wedding car. I’m afraid I’m not too hot on car makes – I only identified that one by the sphinx hood ornament, so if anyone wants to correct me feel free. I absolutely adore photographing classic wedding cars – and this one was particularly unusual. Anyway there are many car pictures for enthusiasts.

The wedding car arriving at Queensferry registry office The bride and the car at Queensferry registry office

It was  a lovely sunny day. There was one bridesmaid who wore pale pink while the flower girl had a dress with both pink and white. From just outside the registry office there is a good view of the bridge.

The bride and bridesmaid The bride and her daughter with Edinburgh Forth Rail Bridge in the background

The interior of the south queensferry registry office is particularly bright, which is good for wedding photography. There are even views of the forth rail bridge from the windows. The room itself was lovely with wood panelling. As ever with a wedding with children things didn’t go exactly to plan. The flower girl decided to play with her flowers at one point but on the whole they were very well behaved.

The father of the bride and his daughter arrive at Queensferry registry office

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Duncan and Pauline at Cromlix house hotel - Part 2 - The ceremony

The ceremony took place in the chapel of Cromlix house hotel. Which, though quite small is absolutely lovely and full of little period details.

pad_0432 pad_0495_1

The ring bearer handed the cushion with the rings on it to the minister perfectly. A lovely little moment.

pad_0509 pad_0512 pad_0535

Exiting the building – this shows the chapel well.


After the ceremony everyone was handed champagne – which made it a challenge catch everyone for group photos. However we did get it sorted in the end and managed a number of photos of everyone – including a couple where I ran up to the bride’s room and directed everyone from a distance. Luckily I can have quite a loud voice!

Continue reading Duncan and Pauline at Cromlix house hotel – Part 2

Joanne and Keith's Album

Joanne and Keith got married on a simply stunning day.

They got married at South Queensferry Registry office and then continued on to the Royal Burgess Golfling Society house for their reception.

l01 l02

l03 Continue reading Joanne and Keith’s Album

Duncan and Pauline at Cromlix house hotel

This was a Gold Package wedding (see our packages for full details) so I first cover the bridal preparations. Luckily for me the bride, groom and many of the guests had stayed at Cromlix house the night before. It’s always a bit easier to have everything on one site.

Cromlix house itself is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a fabulous building, which even has its own chapel dating from 1874. The wedding day weather was stunning. I believe it was 10 degrees above average and the whole place was just idyllic.

Cromlix house hotel, Dumblane, Perthshire

I firstly went to see the bride – who was a bit busy having her hair professionaly put up. The hairdo was lovely and was done by Leeanne Ross of Lumia hair salon at the bridge of Allan. Various parts of her hair curled up and into other parts in a very implausible but aesthetically pleasing way.

A view of the hair style pad_1320

The bridal suite at Cromlix was amazing. There was a sitting room, huge bathroom with separate toilet and a massive bedroom. I initially took some pictures of the wedding dress in the bedroom before running off to take pictures of it and the bridesmaid’s dresses in front of a fabulous wardrobe in the sitting room. The bedroom however had the best light. Which was handy as that was where everyone was getting ready. I took pictures of the preparation until 1pm when I had arranged to go and meet the groom. I left with promises that no one was going to put on their dresses before I got back.

Continue reading Duncan and Pauline at Cromlix house hotel – Part 1

Pauline and Duncan's Album

The first mockup for the wedding album of Pauline and Duncan.

As ever click on a thumbnail for a larger image. Then simply click on the image to close it.

l01_0 l02_0

l03_0 Continue reading Pauline and Duncan’s Album

Yvonne and Alan's Album

I’m running a tad late on my blog as I have been so busy. I haven’t actually done Yvonne and Alan’s blog post yet.

However this is the first mockup for the wedding album of Yvonne and Alan.

As ever click on a thumbnail for a larger image. Then simply click on the image to close it.

l01 l02

l03 Continue reading Yvonne and Alan’s Album

Sabrina and Craig's wedding at St Paul's and St George's

Sabrina and Craig’s wedding was unusually close for me – not only was it in Edinburgh (I am after all an Edinburgh Wedding Photographer – even though around 70% of my work so far this year has been over an hour away), but it was on the east side of Edinburgh around Leith, the top of Leith walk and the Bridges. All areas I know well from university and from where I live now.

Sabrina and Craig were unfortunately hit by the recent ash cloud problems as many of her family were coming across from Ireland. Luckily and due to some heroic travelling on the part of relatives only two people didn’t make it in the end.

This was a Gold Package wedding (see our packages for full details) so I first travelled to where Sabrina was getting ready. Due to the amount of family she had over they had rented a lovely flat in Leith. This was ideal as the rooms were bright and airy, just perfect for photography. I took images of the dress (which was a lovely number from just down the road from me – Pretty Woman in Leith), shoes and flowers. I absolutely love their choice of flowers. I love sunflowers. Probably second only to daffodils, which I am still waiting for someone to use as their wedding flowers. Unfortunately my wedding was too late in the year.

Wedding dress cag_002 cag_003

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Rob and Emma's Album

I’ve just finished the design for Rob and Emma’s wedding album. Emma and Rob’s wedding in Dumfries

I’m really pleased with it. Emma and Rob were a lovely couple and this comes across in their photographs.

I’ve designed them a storybook type album showing the progression of the day from preparations through the ceromony to the speeches and cutting of the cake.

l01 l02

l03 Continue reading Rob and Emma’s Album

Emma and Rob's wedding in Dumfries

I photographed a lovely wedding in Dumfries on Thursday. A long drive – 2 hours from Edinburgh. However very scenic countryside with lots of little lambs and the venue made up for it.

Crichton Memorial Church, Dumfries

Just look at that church! It’s just fantastic. It’s even set in beautiful grounds.

The wedding was between Emma and Rob, a really friendly and welcoming couple who were a joy to work with. Being a Wedding Photographer based in Edinburgh I get to shoot both Scottish and English wedding styles. This was more of an English style with morning suits and pinstripes rather than kilts.

The first thing I like to do when I arrive at a wedding is take a picture of the two rings. I like to get it out of the way quickly and it would be a bit of a waste to whisk a ring off the married couple as soon as they had given them to each other. Probably bad luck.

The wedding rings

The bride’s ring is an unusual shape – this is to fit her antique engagement ring – which you will see later on.

After that I went straight up to the bride’s room. Unfortunately there wasn’t much space or light – and what little space there was was covered with the getting ready debris of a number of women. Cosmetics, clothes and bags of bits and pieces covered every available surface. I tidied up what I could and got to work on some photography.

The wedding dress was just gorgeous. A lovely floaty number.

The wedding dress Continue reading Emma and Rob’s wedding in Dumfries

Wedding Venue Check - Ingliston in Glasgow

I often get asked if we do wedding photography in Glasgow – indeed we do and we don’t even charge for travel within the central belt! We have a fair number of weddings coming up this year in Glasgow and central Scotland so if you are wanting wedding photography in that area please get in touch at

I am doing the wedding photography for a friend of my brother and sister in law in June. They are getting married in a fantastic venue – Ingliston in Glasgow which is a lovely upmarket horse arena which also caters to conferences and of course weddings.  I was going to be over that way seeing a client anyway so I decided to go and see the venue as well.

It is lovely. Outside there is the most magnificent statue.

Ingliston wedding venue Glasgow - Horseshoe statue 1 Continue reading Wedding Venue Check – Ingliston in Glasgow